If you are in the market for a puppy please, please, please, check out all the facts you can get. Ask for a litter certificate. Check the date of whelping on that certificate and make sure it is in line with the age of the puppies. Ask for pictures taken today, not old pics, you can look at details or properties of the photos to see when they were taken. Scammers are taking photos off the internet and sharing them as their own. Do not send cash or use a cash app for deposit or payment. Use a credit card or an app that is insured. If the puppy is very low cost; it could be a scam to get your money and run. We have been unsuccessfully scammed three times this year. This is a "cashier's check" from a bank in Florida,

We have received a fake cashier's check and business check for a puppy in this litter. When calling the business or the bank we determined pretty quickly that they were fake. Please be careful with your hard earned money. Talk to the buyer/seller and make sure the story adds up. If it sounds too good to be true, it just may be. If you have any questions after talking to the seller or buyer it is best to save your money for the next litter.

At Diamond Bench Rottweilers we do not accept checks any more due to the risk involved. A few people ruined it for everyone else. We accept Venmo or Paypal for deposits and payment. You can transfer funds when you get to the ranch and meet your puppy. It is convenient and protects both you and us! If you have questions please ask; we are happy to discuss anything related to our puppies.

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